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Autism, we all know it… But do you know how to unfold your REAL REALITY?
Time to finally find where you are looking for!
Unfold it now!

3… 2… 1… From Down(ie) to the top!


start a war to make a new disision & make a new begin possible

madhouse gang is on android

THE MOMENT IS NOW to break the limits

Real Deliverance is a secret
RD-Productions, Empowering people who are ‘labeled’ with autism, psychiatric or other emotional disorders.
Clearing away psychiatry's false judgments are fundamental processes of restoring hope.

End the corruption
The labels where we identify others and ourselves will only hold us back in a wall of separation and let us fight to each other, than FIGHTING BACK TO AN CORRUPT SYSTEM!
Our goal is to help each other in Unity to protect, hold and win the fullness of life back.
This is the Right of everyone.
Stop the Corruption, End Corporate Greed, Stand for Equality, Stand in Unity, Make a Difference.

Hello, my name is Remco D, owner of a mental health watchdog exposing and prevention of psychiatric human right violations.
Our vision learn others that we have no limitation to the things we want.
We want to help others out the lies the pharmacists will not tell us to make us slaves and market the big system.
Time to tell the truth and help others out that shit!
The formalized industry of care and wellbeing has failed us.
We won’t!
The system is based on oppression and power-abuse but this is what it must do: Help the people with limitations and weakness to understand the more important things to be alive, happy and enjoy life in all the fullness.
All we want to do is this great job: Creating games and other nice stuff to demonstrate for the people suffering in madhouses or other institutes.

We want you for this amazing adventure!
The mind of a slave asks:
Is it Legal?
The mind of a free man asks:
Is it Right?
This is freedom!

Fighting Back From Disorder

An Fight For Human Rights...
FBFD is an science-fiction game made by RD Games based on the true story of institutional care and wellbeing.
It's 1 Jan 2020 and all separated psychotic and crazy marked persons attacks the authority's of the institute because every fool must be killed because the exploitation from the society.
But 50 percent of that people is high talented but marked as weak-minded because risk of takeover from authority.
Now all of that separated people create a full automatic computer-network to fight for the lives of everyone.

It's your mission to fight back with drones and set people free... You can pick-up 5 people at once, drop them to a secure place and go!

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Get it on Google Play

Madhouse Gang

The infamous Noorderhaven Gang is now on Android in the stunning Madhouse Gang.
Enter the true mystery of a group of youths who got innocently trapped in a mental institution.
Isolated in the hard lie world where aid workers who should help the patients, guarantor as dictators and oppressors, they decide to break free and start a resistance movement to survive in their fight for justice.
So they investigate the case to the bone, causing it to escalate to a fierce conflict.
Your mission is to take matters back into your own hands.* Big open world game
** Different weapons to choose from
*** Invite friends to check their scores to break
****Virtual Reality (What you see is what you have)
*****Insane cars
****** Complete different missions to collect more points