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Mont ventoux fiets project gaat starten

Madhouse Gang gaat sponsoren!


Mont Ventoux

Oliebollen sponsor action bicycle project Mont Ventoux
Feel great!
Me Remco, I am going to start an oliebollen campaign with my sports club at Esdege-Reigersdaal to sponsor the bicycle project towards Mont Ventoux for people with a mild intellectual disability / psychological problems .
More information about the project can be found here: http://www.gezonder.st-er.nl/mont-ventoux.html
You can now buy oliebollen at the Zolder Van Den Helder to support this project sponsor!
Ask for a list at the cash register to place an order in advance.
Handy Harries
I will also start a promotion for the game Madhouse Gang from 01-01-2017.
This one is can be downloaded for free for Android phones, but for €10 you can order a Windows version on the RD Games website: http://autilogic.nl/madhouse-gang.html
Or buy a copy without shipping costs at de Zolder Van Den Helder.
The game aims to reduce stigma among people with disabilities.
50% of the entire amount goes to CCHR (A non-profit organization against psychiatric abuse in children and adults)
The rest of the amount goes to the bicycle project towards Mont Ventoux.
Happy holidays and a good New Year!
Kind regards,
Client and sponsor of the Mont Ventoux bicycle project




Fighting Back From Disorder

An Fight For Human Rights...
FBFD is an science-fiction game made by RD Games based on the true story of institutional care and wellbeing.
It's 1 Jan 2020 and all separated psychotic and crazy marked persons attacks the authority's of the institute because every fool must be killed because the exploitation from the society.
But 50 percent of that people is high talented but marked as weak-minded because risk of takeover from authority.
Now all of that separated people create a full automatic computer-network to fight for the lives of everyone.

It's your mission to fight back with drones and set people free... You can pick-up 5 people at once, drop them to a secure place and go!

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Get it on Google Play

Get it on Google Play

Madhouse Gang

The infamous Noorderhaven Gang has now come to Android in the stunning Madhouse Gang.
Get carried away in the true mystery of a group of young people who innocently got stuck in a psychiatric institution.
Isolated in the hard lie world where social workers who are supposed to help the patients, guarantee them as dictators and oppressors, they decide to break away and start a resistance movement to survive in their struggle for justice.
In this way, they investigate the matter themselves to the bone, causing it to escalate into a violent confrontation.
Your mission is to take matters back into your own hands.* Large open world game
** Different weapons to choose from
*** Invite friends to check their scores to break
**** Virtual reality (What you see is what you have)
***** Crazy cars
****** Complete different missions to collect more points


Vlaggen EU

Vlaggen Europa door RD Games, een quiz en opbouwende training voor mensen die de vlaggen van Europa graag uit hun hoofd willen leren / hun kennis willen testen.
Een simpele en kleine app van slechts ~20 MB
Voor support: stel vragen aan info(dot)rd-productions(dot)nl

Get it on Google Play